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Council Map Server

Council Map Server Council Map Server (CMS), allows organisations to easily present their spatial data on maps within their web site. Local Government Authorities (LGAs) can greatly benefit from this because it allows them to easily present a number of maps within their web sites where each map is focussed on a different aspect relevant to council responsibilities and the concerns of ratepayers. Integrating specialised maps into the relevant pages of a web site provides a great user experience. Examples of the types of maps that are served by CMS include: * Parks * Commuting - bicycle routes, etc * Development applications * Community points of interest - libraries, swimming pools, etc CMS presents the LGA's data on Google Maps which provides a familiar experience for users. CMS can be run on the LGA's existing web infrastructure or, alternatively, Barefoot Australia can provide a hosted solution. This is an extremely cost effective, enterprise solution which has been made possible by leveraging infrastructure and various technologies provided by Google.


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